How to Hire a Fire Performer

Adding fire dancers is a fantastic way to add excitement and intrigue to almost any event. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure the entertainers you’re working with are both exciting and safe.

1.    Do you have insurance?

First and foremost, ensure that the entertainers you are booking are insured for the acts they perform. Your venue or supervisor may even require an additional insured certificate before they’ll allow specialty acts inside.

2.    What do you need from me?

In most cases, professional entertainers take complete responsibility for their own acts. They may have special requirements for your event, such an area hidden from view to fuel props or get onto stilts or a time to be in the venue for aerial rigging.

3.    What fuel do you use?

For indoor fire spinning shows, Naphthalene White gas (Coleman camp fuel) should be used. For shows performed outdoors, either 100% white gas or a 50/50 mix of White gas and paraffin lamp oil is safe to use. For fire breathing, paraffin lamp oil should be used.

4.    How much time will you need for fueling?

This is handy to know so you’ll be aware of how much lead time your performers will need in case something unexpected happens.

5.    Where can I see video of your performance?

A picture may say 1,000 words, but a video is the best way to ensure the performer’s style will match your event.

6.    Can you refer me to other entertainers/service providers?

If you’re speaking with experienced entertainers, they’ll have a wide network of event professionals they collaborate with. Chances are, they’ll be happy to help you complete the perfect team for your event. See who we work with.


Address these points, and you’ve done your part to ensure the fire dancers you’ve booked are entertaining and safe.