A lively couple of entertainers who apply their flexibility to match your style and create experiences that get you remembered • Based in Kansas City, MO, available for travel

Asher & Aenya

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About Us

Asher and Aenya are a performance duo based in Kansas City, Missouri.
They both spin fire, eat fire, and walk on stilts.

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What’s your favorite performance you’ve done?

Aenya: We got to spin fire with Jefferson Starship, and my circus friend and I belly danced on stage to “White Rabbit.” I’ve loved that song since I was little.

Asher: We performed for Google's holiday party a few years ago, and that was a memorable evening. It was Speakeasy-themed, with hired actors playing poker amongst the guests, a dedicated cigar-roller, and the two of us strolling the party. I had a fantastic evening getting to know the incredible people who answer my questions on the internet all the time.

Do you need insurance?

Aenya: Yes, that enables us to perform indoors. We each carry a $2 million liability policy for fire performance and stilt walking.

Are you two dating?

Asher: We’re married, actually. We just watched a guy lose $500 in a bet over that.  

How did you meet?

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Aenya: We got booked in the same variety show, and he was the other fire performer. I may have made up an excuse that I wanted to talk about fire safety.

How did you get into this?

Aenya: By being a band geek. Flags, rifles, and sabres led to fire staves, hoops, and nunchucks. I danced for Nebraska and I was practicing in the park, and this old hippie guy was like, “if you can do that with a flag, you can do that with a fire staff” I was like, “A what?” Turned out, he was right.

Asher: My story’s a bit different. I found a poi video on YouTube, and I kept showing it to my friends. My friend said I needed to just learn how to do that, so I did some research, eventually finding the flow arts community.

Are there competitions for fire spinning?

Aenya: Yes! Asher won Kinetic Fire Festival’s competition with his fire poi video, and I placed in Home of Poi’s Circles of Light competition with fire nunchucks.

Want to know more?

Reach out at aenya@radiantspirals.com, asher@radiantspirals.com, or